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Help! My Electrical Sockets have Green Goo in them!

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Have you noticed Green Slime in your Electrical Accessories?

Green Goo - Electrical Socket

You may have noticed a green, gooey slime around an electrical socket or switch in your home. Confusion, worry or just pure curiosity may have brought you here. FEAR NOT! We are going to explain what it is, what causes it and what you need to do about it!

What is Green Goo?

Green Goo, also know as Cable Cancer, Cable Greening and Green Slime, is a very common sight in houses that had electrical installations carried out in the 60's & 70's. The sticky green liquid is caused by a reaction between the Copper Conductor and the plasticiser used in PVC Cables. The reaction is usually accelerated by heat in the wiring.

What Should I do if I notice Green Goo?

The first thing you should do Is contact your local Electrician. Here at Suresafe Electrical Services Ltd, we are experts in dealing with this strange Electrical problem.

Keep your pets and children away from it and notify everyone in your home.

What Shouldn't I do if I notice Green Goo?

Do not touch it! It can cause severe skin reactions. If you get the Green Substance in your eyes, you will know about it!

What is the next step in resolving Green Goo?

Unfortunately, once the reaction has started, it cannot be undone.

Your Electrician should carry out a thorough inspection to determine how bad the situation is.

An insulation Resistance test should be carried out, this will show any immediate problems. A Continuity test should also be done to ensure the resistance of the cables are not effected. You may also benefit from a full EICR being carried out. You can see what is involved in an Electrical Installation Condition Report here.

In most instances, a good clean and replacement of the accessory is enough to prolong the life of the electrical installation but ultimately, the problem will reoccur and a rewire will be required at some point in the future.

As your local Electrical Professionals, we can assist and give you honest, easy to digest information.

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